Zagrugh’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Zagrugh

12 Sun’s Dawn

So tired. The money’s good, but I’ve caught every assistant I’ve tried to hire stealing from me! Guess it comes with the territory. I can’t keep up this pace, though. Doing all the restocking, bargaining, ledgers, and everything else is going to kill me. I’ve haven’t had a full night’s sleep in months now!

What I need is an assistant who will just do the work and not steal everything or run off and leave the shop unattended. Sathasa said she just summons up a scamp whenever she needs gruntwork done. Says they’re dumb and mean, but they do the job and she can relax a little. Messing around with Daedra doesn’t seem like a great idea, but I’m at my wit’s end here. Maybe I’ll take her up on the offer of that summoning scroll. It’s just one scamp, after all.

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