Duchess Elea’s Investigation Notes

Author: Duchess Elea
Released In:

Curious. The Systres Guard report that routine banditry across High Isle seems to be declining. They believe that some new bandit chieftain is recruiting followers from the island's outlaws. I directed Steward Hercian to look into it.

Banditry across High Isle has resumed, at a completely intolerable level. These outlaws are now better organized and more well-armed than ever! Hercian reports that the peasants are all telling tales about "knights of the people" who call themselves the Ascendant Order. Rebels and scofflaws, I say. If these Ascendant Order brigands threaten House Dufort profits, I will have to take action.

Steward Hercian has compiled our informants' reports into a map of Ascendant Order activity. He plans to personally investigate each one.

These Ascendant Order knights are more ambitious than I thought. Someone conjured a great storm off the northeastern coast of High Isle. They wrecked the ships carrying High King Emeric, Queen Ayrenn, and Jorunn the Skald King's son to Lord Bacaro's peace conference. The most powerful monarchs in Tamriel may have drowned off our coast!

This is why I wanted Hercian's spies to keep an eye on this group. A surprise of this magnitude is completely unacceptable. If we had only known about this threat, we could have done something. Or at the very least, positioned ourselves to take advantage of the developments.

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