A Sister’s Retort

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ruelde


I’ve never taken you for a fool, and yet here I am. Writing what should already be known. You disregard all signs and dig further into your delusions, while I look upon the truth without hesitation.

Open your eyes, brother! We can no longer ignore this. Scalecaller has ruined our order and brought us nothing but misery. It is because of her incompetence that Dovah Thurvokun abandoned us. Can’t you see such an obvious truth? It is her weakness that has brought us ruin. And, like a petulant cub, she refuses to let us go. I will not stand for such disgrace.

Without a Dragon, our order is broken. I chose to follow Dovah Thurvokun, and him alone. I hold no loyalty to his leavings. Scalecaller is a shade of her former self, unfit to rule and unable to admit it. I will not be led by someone so obviously weak.

I suggest you take a deep, hard look into your own devotion. Change is upon us. Refuse to move forward, and you will be left in the misery of the past. Choose wisely, Hjarkborn. Before there is no longer a choice to make.

Yours truthfully,

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