Letter of Welcome

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Ingerien

To the all-powerful and illustrious, Lord Rada al-Saran,

I created this sanctuary to account for the unfortunate possibility of the battle going awry. Now word has reached me of the Gray Host’s defeat. I fear the worst has come to pass.

Damn Styriche’s recklessness and his sickening ego! It is truly unjust that the man who brokered the deal with Molag Bal should be the downfall of a great order.

If you are reading this, I know it must have been painful to fight tirelessly, only to watch your brothers and sisters fall around you. But you must survive. You will speak for those who have fallen. You must continue the legacy.

I hope you did not have trouble locating this safe haven. I made sure to mark the way with magic blood sigils that only one of your distinction would be able to detect. There are healing poultices and bandages in case you were injured, and bound prisoners for when you need to feed. Know that you are protected here. No harm will come to you. I will check on this refuge in a few days, once it is safe to do so.

I hope to find you well, and that my act of dedication to you and your cause reflects well upon me. I am ever your loyal servant, and should you choose to grace me with the gift of immortality, I shall spend eternity as Lady Thorn, in service to you as we rebuild what was lost.

Your devoted servant,
Lady Ingerien of Clan Direnni

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