Resolutes of Stendarr Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Rumors of things dwelling in these sewers brought our party down to investigate. I have personally seen all manner or foulness settle in these places, things at home in the filth, but today these tall tales have brought us nothing but trouble. Not the sort of trouble, however, that can be solved with a sword, unfortunately. I’m certain some argument could be made that it would be merciful for us to do so.

We’ve found dispossessed families collected in the tunnels, fleeing from misfortunes the world has delivered upon them. Most seem undeserving of the sad fate they find themselves in, but undoubtedly there are some bad seeds hidden among the wretches. We will carry out our due diligence and investigate this settlement for any lurking evils under the pretense of offering protection to these people. When we are satisfied that nothing untoward is being harbored down here, we will leave them to make what they will of their lives.

Stendarr grant them mercy.

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