Ibrula’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ibrula

1 Last Seed

I pen these words through instinct, writing faster than I can see. I can hardly contain my excitement and hardly describe its cause. This fount of knowledge I’ve discovered—I could drink and drink and never be sated, yet the water is delicious to me and more precious than gemstones.

2 Last Seed

After much study, I have translated the ancient runes on the wall. Seeker’s Archive indeed! To think, a library so vast existed beneath Craglorn this whole time. I will venture further in tomorrow.

I have seen a place where the floor breaks. I will go down there, if I dare.

3 Last Seed

Further in I heard his voice. “Come to me, you who seek.” I answered. “I am Ibrula! I am here!”

3 Last Seed

I cannot name what awoke me, but having risen in the night, I looked over what I’d written these last few days. The pages were blank except for a single word.


I will go deeper in. I will find this one who speaks to me.

As I walked down the tunnels, words scratched themselves onto the blank page.


Over and over, this word was written.


With each step, the scratching became louder. Until I reached its room. There, upon a throne of pages, it leered down at me. Beneath it, each book holds a lifetime of answers. And each answer yields another question.

“Bring me secrets.”

I have made my deal with him. I will seek the hidden meanings of the world and bring them to him, and in exchange, I will learn and know all there is to know.

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