Gold Coast Trading Company Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kirkland


I know we should always be open to capitalizing on an opportunity when one presents itself, but I have to say that I’m failing to see the upside here. I know that they must have shopping needs and desires just like anyone else, but how much gold could they possibly have to spend on Gold Coast Trading Company goods? These people live in the sewers. Literally, in the sewers.

Are we hoping they fish the occasional lost crate out of the canals and manage to salvage something? Is there a shortage of manure that requires the most creative alternative sourcing I’ve ever seen? What am I missing here?

If you can’t provide a really good explanation for continuing this enterprise, I’m afraid the Company is out. Kirkland

P.S. Have the decency to air out your reply before you send it this time. The stench of the sewers can be a tad overwhelming.

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