Ofglog’s Journal

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Author (in-game): Ofglog

Entry 357

Shakul denies me yet again. She laughed when I told her I will be the most powerful mage in Grahtwood one day. Well, I’ll show her just how powerful I’ve become in my short time at the college. Tomorrow, I will reveal my new leaping spell and sweep her off her feet! They will talk of my feat for years to come and I will win Shakul’s heart in a single cast.

Entry 358

The day has come! I will cast my spell in front of the entire stronghold. Shakul has promised that I may help her in the forge if my spell impresses her. A little theatrics, a few words, then up to the top of the longhouse! It won’t be long now.

Entry 359

That didn’t quite go as planned. I’m currently moving at a high rate of speed through the air … well above the highest mountains I can see from this height. I don’t recognize any of the terrain. Wait … I think I’m descending. I hope I can remember that easy-landing spell the master taught me.

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