Silver-Claw’s Ledger

Released In:
Author (in-game): Silver-Claw

Moon-Sugar Merchants have delivered first of three shipments as agreed upon. Returned one incriminating letter. As promised, the other two letters will be returned when additional shipments received.

Franrynn Silver-Axe is owed 75 gold for her very useful information about the “extra” cargo aboard the Golden Sun out of Haven.

Letter to the Captain of the Golden Sun, requesting favorable pricing for some of his cargo. It will be useful to undercut my rivals on the price of religious statuary and rare herbs. Insist on reply within one day.

Lady Balina was seen in the Senche and Serpent twice in the past two weeks. Apparently she thinks no one will notice her if she wears a hood. Have Mim follow her more carefully. Is she seeing someone on the sly? Perhaps she’s a secret drunk? Either way, useful information when I need her to put a good word in with her husband for future deals.

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