Destron’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Destron

We are the twins. We are the rams. The caretakers tell us that our training, our isolation, is almost complete, but still no one comes.

We haven’t seen new teachers in many years. And even the emperor, who used to visit with us often, has been absent since Calia and I were young. Have we disappointed him in some way? Is he angry with us?

Calia and I continue our studies. We have our activities. But we are lonely. The caretakers are helpful, but they are dreadfully boring. I know Calia wants to see the world outside our sanctum, and I long for adventure and to see the places I have only read about.

They tell us the time is almost upon us, but they won’t actually tell us what that means. I suppose we can wait a little longer.

It’s not like we have any other choice.

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