Voyage of the Seajoy

Released In:

Voyage of the Seajoy, Day Five
We were heading WEST when we spotted a ship on the horizon. Suddenly tentacles emerged from below and crushed the vessel into splinters. The captain ordered us to change course—right into pirate-infested waters.
Voyage of the Seajoy, Day Seven

As expected, pirates calling themselves the Scourge of the SOUTH found us rather quickly and boarded our ship.

Voyage of the Seajoy, Day Eight

The pirates killed the captain, took our best navigator captive, and departed. They headed due EAST. Now the remaining crew debates whether to follow them or not.

Voyage of the Seajoy, Day Fourteen

The debate did not matter. The pirates destroyed our sails and we could not repair them. We float, stranded at sea. But before all of our food and water ran out, a ship bearing approached from the NORTH. We were rescued and lived to tell this tale.

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