Hadmal’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Hadmal Lastblood

Hadmal’s Journal, Page 12
—before this had ever been so hard.The third-born, Valdia. My little girl. My darling. For her, the only place that would suit was where I took her each year on her day of birth. To ride the horses at a little place in southern Eastmarch. The stablemaster would always welcome her, and my Valdia would be so happy. She’d sit by the small pond near the house and she’d pick those beautiful red flowers. She loved it there and horses were her favorite animals in the world. Which is why I wa—
Hadmal’s Journal, Page 3

—But I ended it. I buried them all. In different places. Made sure they’d never be together again.

The firstborn, Jolinne. I laid her to rest in her favorite place to play as a child. I still remember her playing tag with her sisters in that alleyway. She’d hide behind the strange stones and surprise anyone who walked by.

They’d be mad at first, but then they’d see her smile and move on, headed for the Sober Nord or Merchant’s Row. She was such a playful child before—

Hadmal’s Journal, Page 7

—The second-born, Fjorna. I laid her to rest in the shrine dedicated to the things she grew up dreaming about.

Dragons. Whenever we visited the springs at Wittestadr, Fjorna would insist that we stop at the nearby ruins to pay our respects to the fabled creatures. She said she could sense their presence. She’d run off to the same spot every time. A smalI clearing behind a strange, curved slab of stone. She liked that spot. I hope she’ll be at peace there.

If only her mother—

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