A Sister’s Regret

Author: Ruelde
Released In:


I don't know if you'll read this, but I'm left little choice. I don't blame you for your anger. I've said things, done things that I regret. All I wanted was to keep you safe, but I fear that you'll never trust me again. I'm not even sure if you should.

Yes, I regret it. You tried to help me see reason, and I ignored you at every turn. I kept that letter, you know. You told me to just have faith. By Sovngarde, how I wanted to throw it in the fire. But perhaps, even then, I saw the truth of those words. I don't think I can bare to bring it with me.

How vividly I remember that day. Scalecaller's corpse, lying on the snowy peak, her blood slowly turning the snow red. How, mead in my blood, I was the one to try to claim her mask. My cold fingers, clenching her metal tightly. Desperate for power, for dominance.

But it refused me. It wouldn't let her go. And it was at that moment I knew, a heavy feeling in the bottom of my gut. I should have never started this. You tried to tell me and I just didn't listen.

Brother, please, I beg you to leave with us. The temple's magical defenses are beginning to fail, and we hold too many valuables to be ignored. I can't bear the thought of you, here alone, slain by some filthy bandit. Please, please, just come with us. We'll find a new home, a new purpose. I swear to you, we'll find a new life.

Your loving sister,


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