Letter from Kireth

Author: Kireth Vanos
Released In:

Dear Cousin Deminah,

I hope this letter reaches you in good health and good fortune. How are things in Vvardenfell? Maybe Raynor and I will come and visit when we're finished with our business in Hammerfell. If we ever get to Hammerfell, that is. Let me tell you about our latest adventure. And yes, it's all Raynor's fault, as usual.

We received word of a new Dwarven ruin discovered near Tava's Blessing and Raynor was eager to get there as quickly as possible. While I secured supplies for the trip, Raynor went to negotiate passage to Sentinel. But you know how he gets. Excited and caught up in a new discovery. That's when he lets things slip. He meant to get us on a boat to Hammerfell, but somehow we ended up on a ship making its way to Anvil. And that's where we are, without a spare gold piece to our name and no prospects for getting to Hammerfell in the near future.

Oh, don't worry. We'll think of something. We always do. And we've never visited Anvil before. There are so many pirates! I think you'd like it here. You always had a bit of pirate in you, from what I recall during our last visit. And how's your husband doing? Still trying to make a living selling that vile concoction he calls wine? Seriously, dear cousin, you could do so much better!

Well, I have to run. We're going to try to find employment in this wretched city so we can earn enough gold to pay for a trip to Sentinel. Wish us luck! And when we come to visit you, I'll make sure to bring a carafe of shein - I know you don't like your husband's swill any better than I do!

Kireth V.

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