Old Monk’s Diary

Released In:

I thought operating a tavern would make my life simpler. Not filled with angry and drunk customers, vendors who cheat me, tax agents, and so on. Perhaps I should have performed more thorough research instead of jumping in with both feet. Another lesson from Akatosh for this old monk.

* * *
Today, an older woman entered the tavern wearing quite a stunning red hat. Well, as an older man myself I certainly took notice of her. Respectfully, of course. Even though I’m no longer a monk, my dedication to manners still holds. Plus, I was never lecherous, even in my younger days.

Why am I justifying myself to my own diary?

Anyway, I performed the normal tavern owner ritual and asked what I could get her. To my surprise she requested strong whiskey. Typically people of her class ask for more refined drinks. Not something that could put a mule to sleep.

I dutifully retrieved the bottle. Then, while pouring, I casually asked her name. I hope it was casual.

She said her name was Leonara. Divines, what a beautiful name.

* * *
I had dinner with Leonara again this evening, this time at her home. We discussed our lives and our hopes for what’s left of them. I expressed that despite the surprising complexity, I enjoyed owning my tavern. I’d like to see more customers come through. Maybe hire entertainment.

We discussed this for some time when she suddenly had the idea of expanding into a full inn. I could add a second floor with beds and provide meals for those who stay. The idea struck such a chord with me that I began planning it almost immediately. Perhaps it reminded me of my time in the monastery taking care of my brothers. A task I enjoyed immensely.

Yes, I think this is exactly what I shall do.

* * *
Leonara moved in with me today. I’d previously slept on a small bed in a side room, plenty for me alone. But I surprised her with a brand new bed large enough for us both. We’ll live out of the second-largest room upstairs. I’ll leave the largest for my biggest spenders.

My life as a monk was good. Fulfilling, interesting, and spiritual. But my life as an innkeep? I’ve never had it better.

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