Message in a Bottle

Released In:
Author (in-game): Captain Lagra

Of all the audacity! They attacked my ship. And for no reason. We were approaching Northpoint, heading for the tunnel, when Montclair’s troops attacked us. If this is because someone robbed Lady Lleraya again, I’ll make sure heads roll in the thieves’ quarter!

We’re taking on water, but I’m going to try to get the ship as close to shore as I can. Just in case, I’m hiding my key to the tunnel in the bowels of my ship. If I’m going down to the bottom of the sea, I’m taking my damn key with me!

We’re approaching the northern shore. If we make it, we’ll meet up at the usual place and discuss our options. Why’s Montclair on the rampage? And where’s Dorell? I thought we had an arrangement, damn the man!

Well, if we do sink, don’t you dare come looking for my key. I swear, my ghost will haunt this wreck and take vengeance on anyone who trespasses on my ship! You have been warned.

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