Manifest of Kinlord Rilis XII

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kinlord Rilis XII

Not to be confused with his Manifestos.

5th Evening Star

There was a time when I could not hear the words of my master echo in my ears. I did not know it then, but those were dark times. To return to those days would be like returning to a life of blindness.

There are things I can see and feel today—horribly beautiful things—that no other in my kingdom is privy to. With a little time, and a little focus, I can perform feats now that would bring the rest of Tamriel to its knees.

And what did those foolish nobles do when I, their High Kinlord, presented them with this power—and the prospect of protecting all of the known world?

The fools sealed my magic and locked me in the Banished Cells.

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