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Author: Reezal-Jul
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Baron Montclair,

I'm sorry you couldn't stay to see the end of this, but Shornhelm will soon be ours. I am following your orders to the letter. The upper city is under our control, the Shornhelm Guard is scattered, and soon the portal will be ready. We will be able to ferry more Montclair troops in, under their very noses!

I continue to use our blessed gift, turning more and more people into vampires. But, as you have no doubt observed, the process is often extremely accelerated. For every vampire I create to join our forces, I wind up with a dozen or more mindless bloodfiends. Not that these don't also serve a purpose, but even so.

Have you considered my request? I know that my work—my side project, as you call it—will benefit you. Imagine, your glorious army bolstered by unstoppable creatures of necromantic design. I have already had some success, and I know I am on the right path.

And after we take control of Rivenspire, we can turn our attention to the south. We can succeed where Ranser failed. I just need more time. And more resources.

— General Reezal-Jul

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