Nirwaen’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Author: Nirwaen

It’s hard to believe the day is finally here. Father says the rumblings began two nights ago and the uprooting should start any moment now. I’m so excited! We arrived at the Summer Site two days after Falinesti had settled, so we missed the Rooting Ceremony here, but we”ll be off to the Autumn Site in mere hours!

Mother told us that she’d meet us there, but that she must conclude her research in Velyn Harbor. It’s hard to believe that tiny camp has anything worth looking at—I thought it was dirty and smelled of fish—but she says you can find gems in the mud and I shouldn’t look down my nose at them.

But it’s hard not to! Falinesti is so grand, and I can’t WAIT to feel the city moving beneath my feet!

I wonder how long it will take to get to the Autumn Site? Father says it varies. Sometimes it only takes a few days, but sometimes a week or more passes between the uprooting and the rooting. I hope it takes a long time—a week at least. I want to watch the world go by!

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