Receipt for Arcane Tomes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Cinnabar of Taneth

Veroine Gimbert
The Mystic’s Mirage

12th of Morning Star

Mistress Gimbert, Felicitous Greetings

This letter serves to acknowledge receipt of your shipment of my latest order of books, to wit:

– The Five Points of the Star
– Sacred Rites of the Stonechewers
– Twin Secrets
– Relics of St. Veloth
– Cheeses of Tamriel

The last item on the list came as something of a surprise. Checking my records, I see that the fifth book should have been “Boethiah and Her Avatars.” I understand it is easy to make such an oversight, but I would appreciate it if you could rectify the error at your earliest possible convenience.

Yours in Arcane Scholarship,
Lady Cinnabar
Tower of the Fifth Doctrine

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