Receipt for Arcane Tomes

Author: Lady Cinnabar of Taneth
Released In:

Veroine Gimbert
The Mystic's Mirage

12th of Morning Star

Mistress Gimbert, Felicitous Greetings

This letter serves to acknowledge receipt of your shipment of my latest order of books, to wit:

- The Five Points of the Star
- Sacred Rites of the Stonechewers
- Twin Secrets
- Relics of St. Veloth
- Cheeses of Tamriel

The last item on the list came as something of a surprise. Checking my records, I see that the fifth book should have been "Boethiah and Her Avatars." I understand it is easy to make such an oversight, but I would appreciate it if you could rectify the error at your earliest possible convenience.

Yours in Arcane Scholarship,
Lady Cinnabar
Tower of the Fifth Doctrine

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