Survey of the Alavelis Mine

Author: Surveyor Tenisu Vashon
Released In:

Guildmaster Puvor,

Greetings from Alavelis. I completed my survey of the glass mine beneath the village. At this time I cannot recommend an investment in this enterprise. While nowhere near depleted, the remaining deposits are not commercially viable. The work and expense required to obtain significant ore will be prohibitive, especially given the competition from larger and more productive mines in Vvardenfell.

There are two business cases that may be worth exploring. First, we might harvest large crystals for ornamental uses. The malachite formations in the mine’s upper passages are truly spectacular, despite being useless for smelting into metallic glass. Alavelis malachite might be too brittle for arms and armor, but it is certainly construction-grade stone.

Second, I’ve noticed some unique arcane resonances in the ore. A mage with the right interests (or extravagant tastes) might pay well for what’s here. But how many customers fit this category?

In short: Yes, we can purchase the Alavelis mine for next to nothing. But we’ll never be able to turn a profit here. No reason to invest unless we find a customer interested in big malachite crystals for their own sake.

I plan to stay a few days before returning to Sailen Vulgate. The inn’s comfortable, and I might as well explore the nearby countryside while I’m in the area.

Surveyor Tenisu Vashon

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