Neelo’s Notes

Author: Neelo
Released In:

20, Shaja-Nushmeeko

I saw the water-woman again today. That is what I have taken to calling her. Each time I fill my scrying-bowl, I see her before long. She never speaks, and when she turns to face me, her eyes are cloaked in shadow - hidden beneath a black hood. I think she is beautiful (by dryskin standards) but she seems cold - like river water after a thaw. I do not understand. All I seek is the artifact, but all I find is this woman. Xarei says I am doing it incorrectly and accidentally gazing into some poor Breton's parlor. I do not think she is right, though.

22, Shaja-Nushmeeko

I filled my scrying-bowl with tea instead of bog-water. The scrolls say that flecks of leaf and seed can help break through persistent visions. I will try anything at this point. I fear that each time I see the water-woman, my chances of finding the artifact diminish.

I managed to elude her today. I focused on her mouth and passed through it. There was a flapping of wings, I think, then nothing. Blackness. Like Helstrom heart-mud. I narrowed my eyes, and closed my nostrils, and folded back my spines - trying to swim against the current. Still nothing.

Maybe this nothing means something? I admit, it fills me with trembling. Skaldir insists that we trudge on, but the water-woman scares me. The darkness scares me. Time for a wallow, I think. A long one.

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