Intiate’s Notes

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Wolfpack Initiate’s Notes

First day as a Wolfpack Initiate! We'll see how the bastards who mocked me at home feel when a feared bandit comes calling. I'm keeping my excitement restrained, because the senior members, the "Pack Leaders," are very stern and serious. I just like having a place where I belong.

Their obsession with wolves is strange, but … they take things seriously, and I respect that.

Initiate’s Third Note

I haven't left the cave in a month. The beast stalks me in my dreams, and I can hear him in those first few moments when I wake. The Leader was right, the ritual has done its job. Everyone is having the dreams, I can see it in their faces.

Tonight, the change will be on me. I'm frightened … but also thrilled. Naraa … I wish you hadn't been so lovely ….

Initiate’s Second Note

I've been here two weeks, and things are progressing nicely. I'm a lot stronger than I was, mostly due to the heavy lifting and sparring we do. I hurt a lot, but it's no worse than being beaten up at home.

The Pack Leaders never seem to stop preaching. They're always talking about "being like the wolf" and how if we focus, we'll "transcend our weakness." They're more like a cult than I thought, but I think I've found a home here.

There's one pretty young thing … Naraa. She seems to like the look of me. We'll have to see what she thinks after the sparring session next week!

Initiate’s Fourth Note

werewolves this is a pack of werewolves

one changed i saw it it's a cult

if you're reading this GET OUT

it's too late for me

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