Urgent Letter [From Junal]

Released In:
Author (in-game): Junal


Do not run tonight. Xal-Nur knows that you plan to escape at dusk. I do not know how he found out, but he is onto you.

I know what Cheethei told you, but Xal-Nur is not as primitive as he seems. There is a cunning in him, Supa. He is like an old crocodile—more dangerous when asleep because the hatchlings press their luck.

If he catches you, he will rip you to pieces and feed you to the wamasu. Please understand, I am not pulling your tail. I have seen him do this before. There is so much blood—more than most could bear to see. And the screaming still wakes me from a deep sleep.

Wait, if only for a few more days. Your life depends on it.


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