General Malgoth’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): General Malgoth

Day 1

A record of the war to unite the Bosmer of northern Valenwood under the leadership of General Malgoth.

Concluded that war is the best option. The Khajiit do not fear the Bosmer. Inter-tribal war is a small price to pay to provide a strong, united force against our enemies.

The war council agrees Vullain will be the first to fall. They forsake Y’ffre for the deceptions of the Nereids and are little more than a weak band of hunters. They will serve the Bosmer best as an example to the other villages.

Day 2

Victory is ours. An easy triumph. Lost one soldier when he fell from a tree. Three wounded. After fulfilling the Meat Mandate, we will be prepared to take the rest of the villages.

Day 2 continued

Treachery! The Bosmer of Vullain poisoned their bodies. A foul trick, a mockery of the Meat Mandate!

Begged the Nereids for a cure. They look at us with what I can only assume is disgust. They can’t be bothered to kill us. They know our fate, as do we.

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