Garnikh’s Hunting Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Garnikh


Garnikh 20 Last Seed

Many wolf pelts. Good meat for smoking.

22 Last Seed

Thishnaku and Buzog compete for most pelts. Eleven pelts each. Duel to break tie. Buzog wins.

23 Last Seed

Uratag claims to see outlanders in black robes in the forest.

26 Last Seed

Definitely outlanders in forest. Sent report to Chief Tazgol.

31 Last Seed

Outlanders in black robes are without honor. Refused to duel. Attacked my hunters from the shadows. Have requested warriors from Chief Tazgol.

2 Hearthfire

Outlanders are raising the dead Bretons. Wolves feed on dead. Pelts ruined. Meat inedible.

6 Hearthfire

More outlanders. Will see if these come with honor.

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