Kurog’s Orders

Released In:
Author (in-game): King Kurog

The Moot is about to begin and we need to ensure that all ways in are closed off or guarded to their maximum capacity.

We’ll be barring the gate from inside, so entry from the Keep will not be functional. My loves— my wives, you will stand guard as to act as a distraction to anyone who tries to stop us. Put a stop to them before they even realize they are looking at a dead end. And if you are to lose your lives, do it knowing you distracted them long enough for us to pull off the plan and finally unite our people.

The only other route is through the Temple within the city. We’ll be sending troops over to deal with Solgra and that entrance. The plan is already in place to reveal her to be the head of the Vosh Rakh and the guards should be on their way now. She is the true enemy now and all focus will be turned to her until she is dealt with.

Soon, we will be united under one banner! The Orcs will finally be together as one. Then we can truly live without fear, as it was always meant to be.

Remember this moment.


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