Another Letter from the Reformer

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sondivel Ulres


Let’s discuss this mercenary in person. Pull him off this Reynila job, but promise him payment. He will answer your summons with little suspicion, yes? This letter will reach you before I do, but do keep my coming a secret from this Sharp-as-Night.

I cannot help but wonder if he remembers me. If his scales are still that dusky midnight blue. If his crest is still glossy with black feathers. Some immutable part of him yearns to be in my possession again. I just know it. Why else would he keep the only name I know him by?

He will know me. He must know me. He will see me, he will learn my name, and he will remember my ceaseless endeavor to tame his uniquely defiant nature. I very much look forward to seeing the look on his face when he meets me again for the first time.

Do everything in your power to arrange this for me, Federo, and I will reward you with all your heart’s desires.

Meet soon,
Sondivel Ulres

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