What Flows Downstream

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Dark water brings bounty, like the raven brings sustenance to her chicks. But as the mother raven may not always have a choice of what to feed her offspring, so the dark water brings us bounties both greater and lesser.

The bounties of the most recent scavenger harvest diverge from the raven mother’s directly. As she might enjoy the plethora of corpses and refuse washed downstream and into our hands, we have little use for dead Elves or Men … at least, of corpses this decayed.

Broken weapons, rusted armor, and warped arrows are equally disappointing. But some bear enchantments our tree-minders may be able to unravel. A wind brings a song to my ear of some great enchantment buried in the glistening muck. Our scavengers may bring back a worthy prize from this harvest after all.

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