Shakra’s Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Shakra


I hope you are well. Father says the land Orcs are cowards to join the Bretons, but I wonder. There is strength in numbers. What does your warchief think?

I am curious about life in the Covenant. What is life in the army like? Have you fought?

A Bosmer told me the Elves have a new queen. Is that true? Did she really say she was going to take back all of Tamriel?

I hear that Duchess Lakana and Duke Nathaniel were married. A Redguard and a Breton? I wonder if the duchess chose this. Oh, to choose your husband! Have you been to Stormhaven?

The captain of a merchant ship said the Covenant attacked Davon’s Watch, the Dark Elf city. He told me the Dark Elves summoned a Daedra, a creature of flame and bone, to fight for them.

Is that true? A Daedra? I think the captain was lying to me. I should have killed him.

I look forward to your reply. Write more often, cousin, and visit again soon.

— Shakra

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