By Order of the Silver Dawn

Author: Captain Abitius
Released In:


For too long we have left Moon Hunter Keep grasped within the clutches of Vykosa and her pack. For too long we've allowed them to sow their malicious intent across Tamriel. For too long we've simply watched as they've grown, as they've fortified their strength. To plot their schemes of carnage and mayhem.

But the Silver Dawn will stand back no longer. It's time to strike this pack of mangy dogs down, once and for all.

We have reason to believe the Moon Hunter Pack, as they now call themselves, have begun to bolster their ranks. This has not only involved gathering werewolves to them, but also kidnapping innocents from nearby areas and cursing them to become beasts as well. This desperation to increase their pack numbers could only mean ill will towards Tamriel.

We cannot allow this to continue. The Moon Hunter Pack must be eradicated, no matter the cost.

You'll take all orders from Commander Varian. His previous knowledge of the keep's layout should help with your infiltration. Heed his commands as if they were my own.

And may the Eight watch over you all.

-Captain Abitius

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