Rilyn’s Journal

Author: Rilyn Uvani
Released In:

Day 58: I saw her in the market today, bringing light to my gloom. Barely spoke to her before her mother rushed her away. Not sure what I did to offend Frifhild; hard to tell with Nords. I think I saw more bruises.

Day 60: She's sleeping beside me, both drunk on wine, couldn't be happier. My life is a storm that calms only when I'm with her. She's safe with me, only with me.

Day 65: I watched her on the farm from afar again today. I had to see her, even if I couldn't touch her. They have a new hand, a pretty-boy Nord named Hramdin. He has eyes for her, but I won't get jealous. She loves only me.

Day 68: She didn't show last night. I waited for two hours. Maybe she's with Hramdin. I hate him, boil when I think of him watching her. I need to stop thinking about this.

Day 70: I can't take this much longer. She belongs with me, not with them. They don't deserve her, I do. They don't love her, I do. She must be mine!

Day 73: This is it! I'm going there right now. I'm taking her away and they'll have to let me. I won't let them stop me. I'm bringing a knife this time. I'll use it, if I need to.

Day 74: Let them curse my name now! Let the rats gnaw their faces off! She's free of them now. We're both free!

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