Julian Notes

Released In:


You asked me to keep a running list of notes, so I have a few. A short list of things I don’t care for in this Scholarium of yours.

– The smell of old books. Some romanticize it, but I know it’s just mold dust. Goes straight to my allergies. Analyzing these ancient tomes means that I will be forever blighted by the very remnants of the things I love.
– Defacers of books, no matter how fluffy. And kind. And cute. All right, the Fox isn’t that bad.
– Pranks by beings of ancient magic who seem to think they are quite hilarious. They are not, I assure you.
– Interlopers who go charging in and then get the glory of discovering a new form of magic when I could have done so just as well.
– Riddles! What are we, children? Knock Knock. Who’s there? Wait, never mind, I don’t care and I’m going back to my scrolls now.

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