Stormhaven Bluster Rejection Notice

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Dear Applicant,

We at the Stormhaven Bluster regret to inform you that we must reject your recent submission for an advertisement in our widely-distributed broadsheet. Though we respect your desire to promote your organization, we took issue with some of your word choices and felt they were not appropriate for our audience.

The headlines “GOLD FOR BLOOD” and “START A CAREER IN KILLING” were simply too extreme for our pages. Additionally, the appeal to individuals who “take any job and don’t ask questions” might compromise our reputation as an upstanding publication.

We are happy to either return your fee or accept a new submission that is more appropriate. Please see our recent edition’s notice from The Iron Heels, another group similar to your mercenary organization, for an example of the kind of promotions with which we are more comfortable.

The Stormhaven Bluster Editorial Staff

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