Journal of Shardmarshal Vargas

Author: Shardmarshal Vargas
Released In:

[First Entry]
Strange. I am drawn to this place, yet I know not why. Every time I pass through Fargrave, my steps always lead me here. I feel like I should know these streets and walls, but why?

[Second Entry]
I learned the name of this place from an ancient scroll. This portal leads to the Loom of the Untraveled Road. If only I knew what that meant!

The portal is sealed by a strange warding. The mirrors are the key, of course. I have activated them in every conceivable combination, and yet the portal remains shut. I begin to believe that some change beyond my power must come to this realm before it will open.

[Third Entry]
It has been centuries since last I visited here, and still I am no wiser. I am the shardmarshal, though I do not remember how I earned that rank. I command what remains of the Shardborn, though I can not recall where we come from or where we belong. A seed of disquiet gnaws at me. What is our purpose? We wander and wait, but wait for what? We are drawn to Fargrave, yet no one in this strangely familiar realm knows anything of our origin. What have we forgotten?

[Fourth Entry]
I spoke with Torvesard again. He too shares a sense that something is missing. A part of ourselves, taken away. He intends to seek through all the planes of Oblivion until he finds what what we lost, but that would be futile. When I stand before this Loom, I know that I am close to remembering the secret. It shall be revealed here, or nowhere at all.

[Fifth Entry]
Another century, and yet nothing has changed. The passage of the years is nothing, of course. But I grow weary of the wait.

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