Finimi’s Spellbook

Released In:
Author (in-game): Finimi

While my fellow pirates in the Systres Sisters have their talents, we would never be successful without my specific expertise. I am a master of the arcane, a mage of no small accomplishment. How else could we escape pursuit and overtake larger vessels time and time again?

This collection of spells represents my life’s work. In it, I have gathered spells of protection to seal my domicile and guard our newly constructed vault, as well as spells of combat, spells of defense, and spells of concealment.

I still need to cast spells of protection on the lockbox where I have stored my vault key, but there is no time. Already, my spells of scrying tell me that Famaza and Altinwe are on their way to betray me and Fera. So be it. If Famaza wants to break our sisterly bond for the sake of some male rogue, then whatever happens next is on her head!

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