ESO: High Isle

Finimi’s Domicile

Only the Sisters may enter this dwelling Place a sacred tanna leaf on the plinth nearest the island’s center Place my good sister’s shawl onto the plinth where the knight’s sword never rusts Place the traitor’s lignite coal onto the plinth where animals die Cursed be the traitor’s name

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Finimi’s Spellbook

While my fellow pirates in the Systres Sisters have their talents, we would never be successful without my specific expertise. I am a master of the arcane, a mage of no small accomplishment. How else could we escape pursuit and overtake larger vessels time and time again? This collection of spells represents my life’s work.

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Orders from the Lord

Druid Edreld, I understand your garden below Garick’s Rest is blooming. Perfect. When you receive the shipment of wine, here is how I want you to proceed. Add your newly developed poison to one of the bottles. I have arranged for it to be part of a gift basket for Lady Arabelle. Her suspicions grow

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Welcome, Initiates!

Welcome, Ascendant Initiates! There are many who believe we were defeated after the events at All-Flags Islet. But the flame of our vision is not so easily snuffed out. You have followed rumors and whispers to find us. Soon others will join you in a growing swell of opposition to the royal warmongers that rule

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The Annotated Dream of Kasorayn

By Zamshiq af-Halazh, Associate Folklorist at the University of Gwylim The druids of the Systres Archipelago are keepers of a vast body of folklore that is mostly unknown to the rest of Tamriel. Their tales include fables, songs, and stories dating back to the early centuries of the First Era. Perhaps the most important details

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