Letter from Ragna

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ragna


Life at Tal’Deic Fortress never gets dull! In my previous letter, I told you all about the Dremora that replaced poor General Redoran. Well, now I’m practically running this place!

Oh, the Skald King continues to send me specific agendas to promote and messages to deliver, but Captain Doronil has turned to me to help get the fort back in working order. Maybe things will slow down once a new general is assigned, and then I can come home for a visit. When was the last time I was in Eastmarch? Do you even remember, because I don’t!

I so wanted to get back for the Konunleikar, but that just isn’t possible. Will you be participating in any of the games? You used to be fairly decent at archery, if I remember correctly. And flirting with visitors to the city. Is that still an event you can sign up for? (Just kidding, little sister!)

Well, time to get back to work. I have troops to inspect and all that. Give my best to mother and father.

— Ragna

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