Letter to Elistrenne Starflower

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sondivel

Dearest Elistrenne,

New hideout is all set. It’s in Deshaan, in the Forgotten Crypts. Yes, the place you tried to talk me out of. Find the key enclosed. I’ve had a problem with past contractors who allowed keys to fall into the wrong hands. Keep it on your person, will you? Not rattling around in a satchel somewhere.

And please do drop by soon! I’m dying of boredom waiting for Sharp to track me down. Perhaps I covered my tracks too well.

And if you’ve already managed to secure a favorite pet yourself, by all means bring them along. I have Sharp’s sister. I think I told you about her. The ‘Dim’ one. Far from his equal in conversation. And worse, she’s resisting the attunement process now. Ugh. Stop by! Save me from this banality.

Talk soon,
Your Sondivel

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