Nahirah’s Journal

Author: Nahirah
Released In:

My cousin Shiri sent word that she will be visiting today! To hear from her after so many years was quite a surprise. She is looking for some of her father's old books, which worries me. Shiri was always such a sweet little girl, and I pray that she is nothing like the rest of her immediate family.

Her father was a monster—so much so that my mother changed her name and moved to Satakalaam to distance herself from Suturah's infamous name. Shiri's brothers, Uwafa and Alasan, seemed to have inherited their parents' twisted minds, but Shiri was so innocent.

I pray to Zeht that she has simply avoided magic, lest she too give in to the strange allure that's drawn the rest of her family to practice the dark arts. Despite my concerns, I look forward to seeing her.

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