Malizaz’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Malizaz

By Malizaz, Apprentice Necromancer to Zumog Phoom

More dead ends! More failures! Malizaz spent days excavating the mass graves near S’rendarr’s Cradle. Days of filthy claws and tail-twisting labor! And what does this one have to show for it? A sackful of loose bones and a backache!

I never would have joined Zumog Phoom and his horde of sycophants if I had known what indignities I would suffer as a result. Malizaz must prove himself! He must find something of real value!

* * *
Bal be praised! This one’s research revealed a hidden treasure tucked deep within the Ashen Scar. A phylactery of some kind. Apparently, a little-known lich named Arum-Khal wrought this sphere with his own claws. If I can seize the power stored within this orb, Zumog Phoom may serve me before long!

* * *
Malizaz finally located the phylactery! No small endeavor, given the instability of the ruin. But the masonry was not the only problem. Some small cat-spirit stalks the halls of the Hidden Moon Adeptorium. It tried to lead me down crumbling passages and across unsteady floors more than once. How sad it must have been to see this one emerge victorious!

Now, the fateful moment of discovery. Soon enough, I will learn all the secrets of Arum-Khal! Beware, people of Elsweyr! Malizaz is coming!

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