Letter to Volgo

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dreadlord Naucratius

Listen well, Volgo, for yours is the most difficult task I lay upon any of my Diabolists.

The Lord of Darkness has revealed to me that an ancient relic lies hidden beneath the soil of southern Cyrodiil. The collapse of the Empire enables us to search for it unimpeded. With this relic in hand, I will lead the Shadowed Path in conquest of the Imperial City and all of Cyrodiil!

To you I assign the cave of Nisin. If the relic is there, you must find it. But be wary of the Dremora seeress Barasatii. Avoid openly opposing her or her minions, but do not allow her to claim the relic. It must come to me.

— Dreadlord Naucratius

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