Nolonir’s Journal

Author: Nolonir
Released In:

Nolonir’s Journal, Page 17
I can't believe my luck. I've stumbled across the ruins of a place called Wansalen. The unfortunates that built the place apparently didn't make it out alive. Now, though, they all walk the halls of Wansalen again. I wonder if their souls missed this place? Stubborn skeletons, they still won't answer when I talk to them!
Nolonir’s Journal, Page 29

Idiots! Don't they know not to come here? Not to disturb me?

A pack of fools stumbled into my sanctuary today. My pets made quick work of them, of course, but what if more come to see what happened to the first?

I need to to protect myself, if that happens.

I'm going to meditate now. Perhaps I'll figure out a way to scare them all off.

And be blessedly alone with my research here in Wansalen!

Nolonir’s Journal, Page 6

I know it's forbidden, but I think that's what makes this so exciting. I almost giggled the first time I made a corpse rise from the ground and follow me around.

Ah, Father. What would you think of your "serious little boy" now, I wonder? If Mother hadn't cremated your body when you died, maybe I'd wake you up and ask you.

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