Retching Butterflies dealing log

Released In:

Day 1: Raided this Khajiit caravan coming from Cyrodiil, loaded with coin and skooma! Me and the others don’t really mess with the stuff, but we’ll find someone who does and sell it to them.

Day 2: Sold a few vials to some scavengers down the road. No big buyers yet.

Day 3: Best day ever!This khajiit named Fah’ri Wei came into our camp recently, loaded with gold. Offered to buy our entire stock. We were thinking about just killing him, but he says if we do he won’t buy from us ever again. Well, we weren’t looking to get into the skooma trade but I’m not complaining. We gave him the whole crate and he went on his way.

Day 7: Got a letter left outside our camp from the weird Khajiit from a few days ago. Says he’ll buy from us again, half the amount from before for the same price. Says he’ll be here in 6 days. No clue how we’re gonna get that much skooma. Thinking that we’ll just water some down and sell it to him.

Day 13: Our plan didn’t work. We were able to find some skooma from an outlaws refuge, enough for 7 vials. Nowhere near as much as we needed, so we mixed it with some spring water and crushed up some apricots and it looked just like the real thing. Right when we brought it to him he could tell something was off about it without even looking at it! He started throwing a hissy fit, tossing our stuff everywhere. But out of nowhere, he just calmed down and looked all confused. Told us he was a “pyandonean pearl merchant” simply named Fah’ri. We tried to sell him more skooma and he told us he doesn’t touch the stuff before running off. There’s something wrong with this cat. More wrong than most skooma fiends, I mean.

Day 15: Khajiit came back, calling himself Wei this time. He reeked of moon sugar and…cheese for some reason. He barely said anything to us, just walked into our camp and started cowering in our hunting cage, screaming! Said that we were gonna kill him and were keeping him captive. Strangely enough, the cage he walked into is wide open. On his way in, he dropped this strange necklace with this big purple gem in the middle. I might hold onto it, it looks valuable.

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