Letters from Leon and Rosalind

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rosalind Milielle, Leon

I collected our letters in this book so that we would always have a record of our blossoming love.

— Rosalind Milielle

22 Frostfall, 2E 219

To Rosalind,

I accidentally let your dog get free and he tore up some of your garden. I planted some more seeds to make up for it, but I wanted to let you know so you weren’t surprised when you got home.

I hope your training in Daggerfall is going well. Stendarr watch over you.

— Leon

7 Sun’s Dusk, 2E 219

Dear Leon,

If Baily gets into something he shouldn’t, just bat him on the nose. I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble planting things. It’s nearing winter, after all. Still, I do appreciate it.

— Rosalind

19 Rain’s Hand, 2E 220


I wanted to leave this note for you before I went off to Camlorn. The flowers you planted were beautiful. Did you ask around to find out what my favorites were?

Also, you lied to me about the garden. You extended my garden out another six paces, just to plant those flowers! It was sweet, but aren’t you an acolyte? What would Stendarr think of your deceptions?

— Rosalind

26 Rain’s Hand, 2E 220

Dearest Rosalind,

As long as you enjoyed the flowers, Stendarr will understand. I do apologize for lying to you, though. I’d be happy to help take care of the plants whenever you’re away.

— Leon

1 Second Seed, 2E 220

My dear sweet Leon,

You can visit and tend my garden whenever you please. I get home in two weeks. Perhaps we can plant some roses together when I get back? I’d like that very much.

— Rosalind

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