Letter to Windhelm

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Dearest sister,

You’re going to laugh and call me a milk-drinker, but remember how I left Windhelm to get away from all the trouble surrounding the Skald King’s celebration? Well, things are no better in the wilds of Craglorn. In fact, I think they may be worse.

I have a nice little house beside a river in the upper region, with a spectacular view of the Skyreach ruins in the distance. It’s comfortable and quiet, just what I was hoping for.

At least, it was. Before the Iron Orc horkers got all riled up. Before the crazy snake worshipers who call themselves the Scaled Court began showing up. Not to mention all this talk about Celestials and gods walking among us and all that.

Well, you know me. I can be stubborn when I put my mind to it. I’m going to sit right here and defend my new home from these many threats. I really am. But if it gets to be too much to handle, can I stay in your spare room for a few weeks? A couple of months, at the most. Write quickly and let me know.

—Your loving brother

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