Letter from Azandar

Released In:
Author (in-game): Azandar

From the Desk of Azandar al-Cybiades,

Sanctum Sanctorum, Skywatch, Auridon, Tamriel, Nirn

Salutations and good tidings, cohort! I’ve been ruminating on our adventures at length and felt inspired to pen this missive.

Consider, if you will, history.

Those of us who read into the historical record at length are often confronted with the strange ebb and flow of historical forces. Our beautiful world has been shaped by mortal, arcane, Daedric and Aedric forces for centuries uncounted. The result is, to be blunt, untidy. In some parts of the world settlements last for millennia, while in others cultures rise and fall like sandcastles on a beach.

What does this have to do with our spirited adventures in the name of research, arcanum, and restoring my frayed fates? A considered question.

I believe mortal lives mirror this process on a smaller scale. Some people lead quiet lives, leaving little more than ripples in the local pond of the world. Influential in their communities, no doubt, but passing mentions in the great tapestry of mortal life.

Others braze brightly, churning up the fabric of the Aurbis by sheer willpower alone. Martial, magical, or otherwise they bring to bear enormous potential but ultimately make little lasting change.

That last, I fear, was to be my destiny. My fateline, if not influenced by outside forces, would have ended with my ignominious death in a research accident. Or snuffed out by my adversary. Or even just a sad and calamitous end at an advanced age due to misadventure.

I fear this no longer, and it is entirely thanks to you. Our time together has shaped my understanding of the very nature of collaboration. Indeed, I now see that my previous comportment inside similar relationships was quiet selfish.

You have changed an old man’s mind, cohort. Shaped it like eldritch clay to be a better and more holistic version of itself. An outcome I myself have attempted in the past, and failed utterly.

You have, as I hope I have expressed, my utmost respect for all that you are. For everything we have heretofore accomplished, and all that we will accomplish in the future.

Please accept my gratitude, my praise, and my enthusiastic thanks.

As always, cohort. Onward and upward!

Azandar al-Cybiades

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