Journal of Urodil Sea-Born

Released In:
Author (in-game): Urodil Sea-Born

Where clear skies had been earlier, now storms formed as far as the eye could see. Calm seas became fierce as soon as our ships crossed their waves. Our exuberance flagged as we approached the coast of Malabal Tor.

My ship somehow survived long enough to launch longboats before sinking, though only a third of our crew were accounted for on shore. Once on land, we met the Wood Elf known as Firras.

Much to my surprise, he told us about the Sphere of Storms, and the “stormwardens” using it to turn the ocean against us. I am hesitant to trust a tree-lover, for I hear they eat their enemies. But he may be the key to getting the rest of the fleet to shore. We must remove these stormwardens from their sanctuary and take this sphere for ourselves.

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