Dragons: A Report for the Queen

Released In:
Author (in-game): Centurion Jagus

To Her Exalted Majesty, Queen Euraxia,

This report summarizes my conclusions concerning the Dragons that have made their presence known throughout Northern Elsweyr.

The Dragon that calls itself Mulaamnir defers to an even more powerful creature known as Kaalgrontiid. He has provided Dragons to support our efforts against the Khajiiti rebels. These massive beasts have been instrumental in many of our victories, just as you predicted. If only we could convince Mulaamnir to lend us more than a single creature at a time, we could retake control of the entire region!

Unfortunately, the Dragons seem incapable or unwilling to discern a difference between our troops and the enemy. They take no care to avoid friendly casualties and seem to revel in destruction, no matter the target. I fear our control of these creatures is haphazard at best.

My recommendation follows. Order Mulaamnir to instruct the Dragons to obey the chain of command. Weapons work best when we can maintain complete control over their actions.

Also, we must perform a service for the Dragons to seal our alliance. I suggest we send an assassination squad to eliminate the last Dragonguard believed to be hiding in the Elsweyr wilderness.

Centurion Jagus,
Royal Strategist to the Queen

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