Journal of the First Remnant

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

For those who collect knowledge in service of our lord, the history of the Remnants is poorly documented. We are not scholars inclined to write down every thought, nor curators who quietly organize collections in obscurity. The Remnants are soldiers. Swords and shields that serve the will of Hermaeus Mora. However, if we are to fulfill the task of securing wisdom from across the Aurbis, certainly that includes our own.

Alone, adrift in the Void, we heard a voice that we instantly knew flowed from the mind of the Eye-of-All. It communicated a deep need. The realms of Apocrypha needed champions. A muscular arm to hold back invaders who sought knowledge they did not earn. Our lord selected us for this task and we obliged.

* * *
We discovered two items upon arrival at our new home—a spyglass and a key. They each radiated a power that surged from this realm through the Void and into a place we did not know. Our essences merged with these relics to open a gateway into a small pocket we would come to call the Crux.

As we stepped through, our minds merged as one. Remnants joined into one whole, one body in service of Lord Mora. We knew that this Crux was intended for us alone. A belief confirmed when we saw a written pack awaiting us with our signatures already added. Finding this place and serving this realm had been our fate all along.

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